Deep Dive

The Deep Dive Market Research tool is an in depth category and market investigation technique that identifies current market conditions, its dynamics, needs and trends. This tool assists in the pre-development or pre-launch phases, so that your organization can take effective market development decisions.

Ifs focus is on extensive one-to-one interviews with target opinion formers with carefully selected open ended question segments designed to yield a deep understanding into purchase motivations. The process builds marketing intelligence which become the catalyst to your product or service design as well as communication plan. The Deep Dive provides an objective perspective on market needs in order to validate your company’s strategy, identifying areas of opportunity and risk.

The Process

  • Identify a process, service or product you wish to launch
  • Identify the target market
  • Collect data on current market situation, competitors, product lifecycles and trends
  • Build mockups of product/service offering to test
  • Conduct in depth one-to-one interviews with target customers
  • Analyze data.
  • Redesign offer to include data.
  • Test new offer with focus groups and one-to-one interviews.

What does the Deep Dive process achieve?

  • Minimize risk
  • Establish trends and build a scenario based on market standing
  • Identify possible problems
  • Build upon characteristics the target customer values
  • Identify areas of opportunity