Market Research

At SBD, we offer a full range of quantitative and qualitative research solutions, from consumer insights to in-depth design research. It is our belief that each project requires a unique approach in order to find the correct method in order to provide the best results; we do this while best managing your resources. We utilize a wide range of methodologies designed to provide the right information your organization requires in order to make decisions and take action.

SBD integrates 5 areas for market research to deliver deep insights from customers and markets.


  • Interviews: Complete Immersion and meticulous observation is used to identify what people do and why they do it. We focus on the human behavior and identify the triggers associated with it.
  • Usage Research: We dive into a customer’s life and record how they use and consume products and services. This methodology provides an honest view and provides a quick and direct response in order to capitalize on first hand information.
  • Focus Groups: Our bilingual and bicultural background allow us to instantly connect with Spanish and English speakers. Our approach and experience into consumer exploration, creative testing and new product development and concept optimization services yield solid information for decision making.


  • Customer Segmentation: We clearly identify your target customer and group them.
  • Attitudes and Usage: Our tool identifies attitudinal & behavioral patterns in purchase and consumption actions and translates them into actionable intel.
  • Choice and Price Sensitivity: We utilize the conjoint analysis tool to recreate “real world” scenarios and map out the potential choices for your customers. We cross those choices in order to identify the value assigned to each choice and the best mix of the choices, yielding an optimal price and offering for your products and services.
  • Engagement: By implementing the Net Promoter Score or NPS tool, we measure your customers and employee’s engagement with your brand, company and products or services. This indicator measures how likely your customers are to promote your organization. If your NPS is higher than that of your competitors, you will more than likely outperform your competition in the market, have better performance and achieve higher growth and profits.
  • Concept Testing: We lead he process of obtaining consumer response to an idea prior to introduction so that the concept may be optimized to meet the needs and wants of the target market. The concept may be a product, its packaging, design, a service, a brand or any form of marketing communication.