Core Competencies

A Core Competency is a superb proficiency within the organization which allows it to deliver a unique value to its customers. It stems from the organizations collective experience, creating a synergistic set of skills across multiple departments.

What defines a core competency? A core competency is defined as that which is difficult for competitors to replicate. When an organization has a core competency, it allows for investment in those strengths which differentiate them in order to define a strategy to set the organization apart from its competition.

The Process

  • Identify the organization’s key abilities and work with them to have them be a strength of the whole organization.
  • Benchmark the skill to other companies to ensure that the development of unique capabilities.
  • Research and understand what are the capabilities to which its customers assign value. Once these capabilities have been identified, invest accordingly to develop and sustain the valued strengths.
  • Create an organizational plan which sets goals for building these competences within the organization.
  • Pursue business agreements and strategic acquisitions to further build the organization’s strengths in core areas.
  • Promote involvement in core capability building across the organization.
  • Preserve core strengths even as management changes and expands, even if the business is redefined.
  • Outsource non-core capabilities to free up resources that can be used to deepen core capabilities. It is unwise to outsource core competency’s or anything which creates a unique competitive advantage.

What does the Core Competencies achieve?

  • Creation of competitive strategies and positions which capitalize on organizational strengths.
  • Align the organization across business and functional units to improve the transfer of knowledge and skills between them.
  • Define management’s priorities to the organization.
  • Identify where critical resources are best allocated for the organization.