Change Management

Change management provides the company with the ability to control the implementation of new processes to improve their administration and or operations.

The process includes the creation of motivators for change within the company in order to promote organizational buy-in. These programs reduce the resistance to change and help streamline to the extent possible, the implementation of new initiatives, policy’s and procedures. Change Management’s mail objective is to help leaders promote their employee’s success. We achieve this by pinpointing where risk and resistance are likely to occur. We design a strategy to reduce or eliminate potential risks and resistance and monitor it on an ongoing basis.

The Process

  • Focus on results. Keep a goal-oriented mindset by implementing clear, non-negotiable goals and creating incentives to make certain goals are met.
  • Identify and overcome barriers to change. Identify areas and employees which shall be most impacted with the change. Implement a risk and resistance assessment to predict, measure and manage the barriers of change.
  • Reaffirm the organization via simple, powerful messages to all employees. During the change, leadership should alter communication frequency and methods to create the best impact within the organization and how it will respond to the information:
    • Ensure full commitment of the organization. Promote commitment at all levels of an organization. Leadership should recruit pear respected representatives within all levels of the organization to be available and promote the advantages and benefits of the change. Representatives should be trained and available to communicate critical information to their peers.
    • Define a clear strategy and simplify decision making. Develop a system for identifying, making and executing the most important decisions.
      • Monitor and measure progress. Continually monitor and measure the progress of initiative to identify if it is following the correct path or veering off course and on schedule.

What does the Change Management achieve?

  • Allows for the implementation of major strategic initiatives to adapt to changes in markets, customer preferences, technologies or the competition’s strategic plans.
  • Aligns and focuses an organization when going through a major turnaround.