At SBD, we take the time to fully understand your business, and most importantly, what you want to accomplish. This information acts as a guide in everything that we do for you.

there is always room for improvement

Have you ever wondered if things within your operation could be improved? Many of our clients have been in the same situation, seeing the symptoms and issues yet not achieving the results they expect. We all understand that if you knew what the real issues were and given the time, you would fix them. Getting beyond the symptom to the root cause of the issue, takes time and an objective third party review. After all, that’s the reason we still visit a doctor regardless of all the information we’ve found on the internet. Self diagnosis is extremely difficult and highly subjective.
At SBD, we have developed an in-depth two-part assessment to review the effectiveness of revenue in your organization. The assessment provides an objective insight into how successful your operations are and recommendations on how to improve.

Revenue Generation Effectiveness Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to gain a clear understanding of the revenue generating effectiveness, business know how and market knowledge capabilities within your Organization. The assessment focuses primarily on processes, organizational structure and leadership. The assessment is utilized to identify gaps within the Revenue Generation and Operations Capabilities within an organization, to quantify the impact and provide recommendation to address critical voids. The assessment comprises all business centers within your organization.

The organizational assessment focuses on the effectiveness of the organization as a whole and determines if and where voids exist at the organization level (strategic).

This includes a review of:

  • Available strategic, operational and tactical plans
  • Business Operations and Opportunity Identification
  • Customer Engagement Models and Consistency of utilization
  • The ability and commitment of Leadership and personnel to achieve the revenue goals
  • How the whole organization interacts in order to generate and retain value in your organization?
  • How a CRM is utilized?
The Organizational Position Assessment

Provides an objective benchmark in relation to your organizational role in your current markets with regards to its knowledge, skills, attitudes, discipline and abilities needed to achieve optimum performance and revenue results.

The Organizational Position Assessment explores how well each business center is performing in relation to its current or future markets, and determines if

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